The Council

The National Band Council is made up of Councillors from each State and an elected Executive of President, Vice President and Executive Officer.

The Council meets on an annual basis at its conference. In between conferences, the Council makes major decisions via non-personal votes. The NBCA Executive is empowered to manage the operations of the Council between conferences.

Current Council members are:

The Executive:

  • President: Dr Paul De Cinque (WA)
  • Vice President: Mr Adrian Loone (TAS)
  • Executive Officer: Mr Tony Schraven (WA)

The Councillors:

  • New South Wales: Ms Beverly Newitt
  • Queensland: Ms Annette Ries
  • South Australia: Mr Bruce Raymond
  • Tasmania: Dr Courtney Brown
  • Victoria: Ms Megan Stapleton
  • Western Australia: Mr Rob McCormack


  • Mr James Morrison AM

Public Officer:

  • Mr Robert Bedwell OAM


  • Mr Adrian Loone (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

About Us

The National Band Council of Australia is a representative body formed by agreement of the Australian State Governing Bodies which represent the six Australian States. It is incorporated under the relevant New South Wales legislation.

Tony Schraven
NBCA Executive Officer
0414 489 476

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